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Today I learned . . .

. . . where the STAIRS are in the classroom building! Yay! Elevators are too slow. Stairs are so where it's at.

Oh, and we learned stuff about torts, too. I really can't gauge how well I'm doing--it's so much to take in and the class keeps getting derailed by people asking perpetual "What If?" questions.

At one point in the margins of my notes, I started scribbling my thoughts in teeny-weeny writing. A transcription:

Oh dear ghod above SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Quit nitpicking! Pay attention to the information! Gaaaaaah! Knock it off! Knock it off! Knock it offff! "But what about--" *stab stab stabbity stab stab* SHAAADDAP!

I do wonder how these people think. We were presented with a theoretical situation as follows: A guy is driving along a rural road and smacks into a cow that has wandered across his path. The cow wandered through a breach in a rotted wooden fence. The fence was damaged by a fallen tree. The tree fell because it had been slowly poisoned by an aerosol spray that had been lavished to preserve the big shiny ad on a billboard. The big shiny ad was placed by A Large Conglomerate Media Provider. The point was that the chain of causation can stretch endlessly if you let it and that's why we have things like proximate cause to keep it from doing so. Some of the students seemed to think this was an object lesson in how to sue Large Conglomerates when you hit a cow.

I do fear for this country.