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Weekend Report

Friday night I had the house to myself so I put the DVD player to work and watched an MST3K vid (The Brain That Wouldn't Die) and chased it with some Eddie Izzard (Unrepeatable) for good measure.

Then I decided to go out to the EARL for the T. Rex tribute show they were having there. Had a BLAST. Seemed everybody wanted a go at it, so they had bands doing very short sets, leaving the drumkit up and just plugging and unplugging guitars. They avoided repeating songs, except for the finale when they did "Bang a Gong" again. I came so hard I thought my period was starting. Ran into several musicianly types that I hadn't seen in some time and we caught up on stuff. (Got thoroughly smooched by one of 'em, too.) Staggered home happily and crashed into bed.

Saturday I slept a lot. Cleaned the bathroom and moodled on the internet. Set my clock that night.

Sunday I kicked myself out of bed when my alarm went off and then realized I didn't actually have to go to work until tomorrow. So I went back to bed and sighed happily. Spend most of today on the couch or on the internet, again, but I did get out to check my mailbox (nothing) and try on jeans (none that fit.)

I'm debating going poeting tonight. It just tends to run late and it's going to be hard enough getting up in the AM with the time change. So I think I may just stay home and do homework or something.