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There and Back Again

Spurred on some level, I suspect, by Mick O'Dowd's abrupt demise, I've been contacting people I've been neglecting and reconnecting with them. I phoned up Lake and found out she just bought a house and she'll be throwing a housewarming/50th birthday party sometime in June. Right now she's starting to pack, which should take some time, so I may pop by and visit and keep her company as she packs, like I did with Malinda when she prepared to go to Savannah.

Speaking of, I trekked down to Savannah to visit Malinda this past weekend. She was too broke for us to go out, so we stayed in and watched Eddie Izzard DVDs on my laptop while drinking Milla's infamous White Russians. Much fun. I loaned her a book, so I'll be going back for a visit in a month or two and I promised to bring Circle down with me, since we didn't get a chance to watch that one.

I think I'm going to try going to bed a little earlier and see if that helps me get up any earlier.