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I thought I was DONE!

I figured with the vanload last night, all I'd have left to move would be the groceries. Ha. I forgot about the four Office Depot boxes full of stuff that were in the secret compartments by the fireplace. To say nothing of the framed Rio print over said fireplace. And the bass guitar. And the amp. And the spare acoustic guitar. And the table I got from my grandmother. And so on. So by the time I got all that loaded up and in the car there was NO ROOM FOR THE GROCERIES! No room for the bag full of videotapes, either (partly mine but mostly my sister's.) So I'll pick those up tomorrow 'cos I want to go see Metroscene play at the Echo Lounge tonight.

Thanks to Aimster (who ROCKS!) I got my ticket for the Duran Duran show in California. Row S in the center section. Over on Nick and John's side, from the look of it. Still debating whether or not I'm actually going to go through with this. Really depends on if I can find a place to sleep that won't cost me an arm and a leg. Wish me luck.