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Weekend Report

Friday afternoon the power went out smack-dab at 2:00 in the afternoon. And didn't come back on. Probably something to do with the raging thunderstorm going on outside. We waited a bit for the power to come back on, and ended up kicking out all the customers and locking the doors. So, without any of those pesky customer types to worry about, we were commanded to shelve and alphabetize in the places we could still see. I alphaed the Speculation section (UFOs and Conspiracy Theories) and the Other Divination section (Ways To Tell The Future That Aren't Astrology Or Tarot, Because Those Already Have Their Own Sections.) It is a bit worrisome to realize that the shelf space devoted to the paranormal and the shelf space devoted to the scientific are about equal, and the scientific stuff is literally stuck all the way in the back of the store. I think Self Help trumps either one of them in terms of shelfness, whatever that signifies.

At one point, Mike took the light saber we have out of the box so people can play with it (you hear the *dshwzzzzzzzz* noise of it going on and the *swwwwwwwwish* of it going off at fairly regular intervals as customers go past) and used it as a flashlight in the office. Not exactly the cheapest flashlight you could ask for, but it did the job.

The power went back on before I left for home, so that was good. I went home, made a quesadilla and watched an MST3K DVD--Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders, which was actually quite hilarious the second time around. (The first time I watched it, I was too busy being skeeved by the actual movie to appreciate the jokes.)

Saturday, the power went out at the homestead a little before 9:00, just when Mom was making French toast. She wasn't thrilled. I slept late, and went shopping.

I used to claim that I do not possess the female shopping gene, but I've realized that it does exist, but what I have is a thrift shopping gene. The concept of charging massive amounts of money for designer clothes is utterly alien to me. However, the concept of snagging groovy looking clothes for dead cheap is right up my street.

Sometimes my penny pinching will land me some less-than-ideal bargains. Remember those shoes I bought back in December? The nine dollar sneakers? They came apart. So I bit the proverbial bullet and went to an athletic shoe store for some actual athletic shoes. I settled on some Converse, which means I'll blend in with all the hipsters but I'm not likely to be looking for a new pair of shoes in four months.

I looked for jeans, but could not find any in the clearance racks of the mall stores that worked for me, so off to the thrift shops it was. Landed two pairs of jeans that fit perfectly for less than five bucks. Combined. I have good thrift shop karma. I also splurged (this is a splurge for me) on a fantastic black satin dress with a broken zipper. I got the dress for four bucks but it's going to run me twenty to get a new zipper because it's more complicated to fix than your average zipper. I get a feeling it's a good thing I left it to the experts. Still, twenty-four bucks for, well, I'll post pictures when I get it back next week. I think I did well.

I got home and the power was still out, but it got back on soon after, so I devoured the internet for a while and had dinner. We had gourmet hamburgers, on the basis that we had no clue when the power was going to return but at least the grill would still work.

That night I went to visit Lake and ended up hanging out until about 2:30 AM, talking and playing dice with her and her boyfriend, daughter and grandson. It was quite fun.

Sunday I slept a lot, and my dreams were strange but they've all been forgotten by now.

So that brings me up to about now.