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Well, it's settled. I'm going to California to see Duran Duran. Not only do I have a ticket coming to me, I've got a flight booked as well as a hotel and rental car. I still haven't told my parents. It's not like I expect them to ground me or anything, I'm just not sure how they're going to take it. They've been my financial lifeline for the past several months--check that, mine and my roommates' lifeline--and now I'm splurging like this. Still, I do have the money in my bank account and it's not like I'm booking a suite in the Ritz or something. I'm flying JetBlue, staying at a Motel 6 and got my car rental rate from Hotwire. I'll be in California for less than 24 hours, so I don't have to pay for an extra night of hotel or an extra day of car. I'm paring this down as close as I can go. I just hope I'll have enough time to actually meet and hang with people.

Sunday night I went to the weekly poetry reading at Java Monkey and Kodac (the host) asked me if I'd like to feature there on the 15th. I told him I would. Now all I have to do is write some poetry to recite. I'm not happy with a lot of my older stuff and I need to do some fresh things. I actually read that night, too--ramblings that I scribbled when I had time to sit down at the museum. It went over surprisingly well. Maybe this is a hint that I just need to loosen up a bit and not worry about whether every word I put down is perfect or not.

I'm starting to come down with a cold or something, which I used as an excuse to be as lazy as possible today. I did get the house cleaned and a couple of loads of laundry done, but I also slept a lot and dithered on the internet. I sucked on a zinc lozenge, which may or may not help. My throat isn't feeling as manky as it did earlier and I'm drinking I'm drinking a lot of juiced water to help flush it out. Hope it works.


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Jun. 2nd, 2003 06:36 pm (UTC)
Get well soon and have a great time at California.
Jun. 2nd, 2003 06:43 pm (UTC)
aww, we all go a little crazy sometimes...no, but really, i envy you. have a great time! :)
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