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When I worked at a grocery store, I once had a customer who freaked out because his total was $6.66. He grabbed something off the candy/magazine rack to up the total.

Somebody pointed me to this article today. Turns out the number may actually have been 616, which doesn't have the same ring to it, but there you are. I found it amusing.

By the way, the word "Antichrist" never shows up in any translation of Revelation I've ever read. Nor does the Rapture, for that matter. Revelation is one of those books that everybody talks about but hardly anybody actually reads. I read it a lot when I was thirteen, being in Catholic school where the New Testament was a required textbook. The imagery was incredibly bizarre and utterly fascinating, but even then I knew it had to be more symbolic than actual. Either that, or John of Patmos had some nifty mushrooms or something before he went to bed.

I doubt it'll make much of a stir, considering the fundies won't listen to science when it comes to the origin of the universe, so they'll be just as likely to stop up their ears and go "lalala!" when confronted with evidence that contradicts the particular editions of the Bible that they thump.