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I have a new toy!

It's a chess set! They used to sell these in the bargain section of my store and I kept telling myself I would get one sometime. Then they ran out and no new ones were forthcoming. Darn. Then I looked in the computer and found that the Buckhead store had four of them. Hooray! I trotted over to Buckhead and found that the computer was mistaken. Drat. But one of the gals there took my name and said she'd call me if any came in. Whoo-hoo!

As you can see, one did come in. The box was battered and the pieces slightly flawed (I'm guessing it was purchased, found lacking, and returned) but, hey, it was EIGHT BUCKS, what the hell else do you want? And that was eight bucks before my spiffy employee discount, too.

I played a game with myself (the picture is of the outcome--the pennies are there to show how tiny the board actually is) and it was an interesting exercise. Obviously, I won (snerk snerk) but it was a fairly complicated battle considering I knew exactly what the other side was up to. I had to act and react to each stratagem and each time I screwed myself to the wall I had to turn around and go "Well, I'm screwed to the wall. Now what?" So I figured out ways to unscrew myself from the wall. I'd like to see how well I'd do against an actual opponent. Might be fun to invite people over for tea and chess.