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Happy Dead Soldier Day

I've been arguing with somebody on a message board who stubbornly insists that Memorial Day is for honoring everybody who happens to be dead, not just those who fought for their country. I keep trying to hit her with a clue-by-four and she keeps dodging it. It's like playing Whack-a-Mole with the stupid.

Anyway. I worked today, which means I got time-and-a-half and holy cow did I ever earn it. It was a holiday and it was raining for most of the day (rainy days are good for bookstores as it seems to put people in a mind of curling up with a book and a cup of hot beverage) so the lines were like Christmas or something. I was supposed to be doing my usual special order stuff, but I didn't have as much to do since there weren't any deliveries that day, so I helped out at the info desk and the register, being all smiley and happy and stuff.

The weekend was fun--I went to Bubbapalooza on Friday to see The Forty-Fives and the bands before and after were really quite fun. Saturday I hung out with Trey (keyboardist for The Forty-Fives) and we caught an afternoon matinee of Star Wars: The Last One Finally (I did enjoy it, but in a bit of an empty-calories kind of way) and then that evening I went over to Lake's to watch some Eddie Izzard DVDs (I'm becoming a freakin' evangelist for The Church of Eddie.) Sunday, I just slept. A lot. And watched some MST3K to top the day off.

Parents in Italy right now. I've actually kept the house in fairly good order, but been regressing to my bachelorette days culinarily. Tonight's dinner was two hard-boiled eggs and a slice of leftover pizza. Really do want to try cooking some real food for a change, but the fridge is actually pretty understocked, so I'll have to go on a mad shopping trip to actually get ingredients.

Any suggestions for quick-but-healthy dinners for one?