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It's been raining for days, it seems, which is actually a good thing for me since it spares me the hassle of keeping the plants watered. But it does limit one's options a bit.

I curled up with another book borrowed from work (Mama Gena's Owner's and Operator's Guide to Men--quite a fun read) and watched the rain through the windows. I decided it was a good day for soup, so I baked a couple of potatoes, sliced up some green onions and whipped up a batch of Baked Potato Soup. Actually, I had to nip out to the store to get some cheddar cheese, but I had all the other ingredients handy. While I was out in grocery store land, I splurged on a Pepperidge Farm fudge cake, which I will cut a slice from very soon.

Thick soup on a rainy day is the best.