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I should really post more . . .

It's not as though nothing's been happening, I just haven't been in a very writerly mood, it seems.

This past weekend was Corndogorama, an annual festival of local bands and, um, corndogs. I hate corndogs, but I love local music, so I was there for Friday and Saturday, catching the likes of A Fir-Ju Well and The Forty-Fives. Much fun and loudness and a few new bands to check out again in future.

That weekend was also the weekend my little brother came down with his wife and daughter to see a symphonic concert of video game music. No, really. My niecelet is as charming as ever and Mom and Dad were happy to be grandparenting while Pat and Carrie went to the show. (They showed her Disney's Cinderella. She really liked the mousies.)

Work is still work. Classes are still classes. I don't feel like adding a job hunt to my list of Things To Do while I've still got classes to take care of, so I'm in a bit of a holding pattern until that's over in another month or so.

Drama still rages on dd.com. Then again, when the heck hasn't it? I know lots of people who have thrown up their hands and given up on the place, but I have a certain warm fuzzy affection for the sort of frontier spirit that thrives in the chaos, since the lack of subsections and signatures makes it difficult for cliques to fully crystallize there. The current storm will pass and things will move on like they always do.

I can't think of a clever way to wrap this up, so I'm going to end it with a sentence to that effect.