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I've been tagged

People can only play when tagged -- You can make up new questions, delete questions, add questions, or keep the same, whatever. -- The number of people you tag must be a multiple of FIVE!

~Five Different Places You Want To VISIT/LIVE:
1. Los Angeles
2. London
3. Tokyo
4. Las Vegas
5. New York

~Five Books:
1. The Silver Metal Lover
2. Metallic Love
3. Don't Bite the Sun
4. Drinking Sapphire Wine
5. If You Want To Write
(Items 1-4 are all by Tanith Lee. Item 5 is by Brenda Ueland. All are highly recommended.)

~Five Things that ALWAYS make you cry:
1. The ending of item 1 in the previous list.
2. Weddings where love is palpable.
3. Utter frustration.
4. Pippin singing "All Shall Fade" in Return of the King.
5. Cutting onions.

~Five Things You Want To Accomplish:
1. Getting my paralegal certificate.
2. Buying a house.
3. Starting a band.
4. Writing a novel.
5. Making enough money to move out of the spare room.

~Five Places You have Traveled
See "Five Different Places You Want To VISIT/LIVE", above. (Though my memories of New York are rather murky.)

~Five Things You Do When You're Bored
1. Kill time on the internet.
2. Read.
3. Listen to music.
4. Write.
5. Play solitaire.

~Five Foods/drinks you can't eat/don't like to eat:
1. Lima beans
2. Raw mushrooms
3. Cooked spinach
4. Brussel sprouts
5. Pears

I tag: