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Bitter Medicine

Still feeling a little sickly, so I sucked on a zinc lozenge to boost my immune system and all that cool stuff. Then I discovered one of the hideous side effects of zinc lozenges--they make EVERYTHING taste nasty for hours afterwards. Even WATER tasted terrible. Sensualist that I am, it was so unbearable I'll probably never suck the things again.

Nothing terribly exciting to report today. Slept late and did some database work. Finished Saint Fire by Tanith Lee, which was not as brilliant as some of her other works, but still good. Definitely the best of the three books I checked out of the library.

Did I mention I'm going to California? I'm going to California. Thinking about this puts a little bounce in my step and makes me smile. I'm already plotting out my itinerary for the 22 hours I'm there. First thing I do when I get my rental car is to head for the nearest beach and say hello to the Pacific Ocean. After that, I'm going to try to touch base with a friend of the family and possibly pay him a visit. Later that afternoon there's a party going on at a hotel near to the venue and there's also a tailgate party in the works. And then, oh, yeah, the show. After that will probably be more celebrating somewhere, but I'll probably improvise that part. Then I get up bright and early the next day, fly home and collapse. Whee!

In the meantime, I need to write a batch of poems for my feature gig at Java Monkey in a couple of weeks. Might also try to coax myself into sending out a story between now and July 16th. I'm hoping writing here will help strengthen my writing muscles so I can get more tangible stuff done. Maybe even tonight.