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Okay, my laptop doesn't have a power cord right now, so I'm using Dad's 'puter for the duration. So you won't be seeing quite as much of me (like you noticed a difference.)

I survived Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I did not have to do the midnight shift, but they did drag me in on Saturday to cover the register while all the people who did work the midnight shift got some well-deserved rest.

One thing that struck me when I was hovering in Zone One (to make sure people who needed help could find it) was an African-American kid dressed in the following outfit--white satin shirt, black bow tie, white pants, shiny white shoes, black socks. The contrast between the darkness of his skin and the whiteness of his clothes made him look like a goth in reverse. His father (I presume) was also dressed in white, with black suspenders, and I overheard him have a conversation with another customer about Seth and other stuff we file in the Metaphysical section, while I tried to realphabatize Speculation and Other Divination. The kid just rifled through the Manga section.

I got home, ate dinner and plowed into my Georgia Procedures assignment so it would be done before I left for Florida. It's done, but I should probably look at it again before I send it off.

I have Nick Drake on the CD player and things are pretty good.