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The Thrill Is Gone . . .

My job at the museum is starting to take its toll. It's gone from fascinating to agonizing. I know it's bad when I'm starting to hate people. See, we're supposed to stay on our feet when there are people around. When nobody's there, we can sit. So try to imagine the perpetual frustration of not being able to sit because of one person lingering in the gallery and the moment that person finally leaves a group of people walks in. ARGH! Obviously, it isn't healthy to be resenting the patrons like that. I thought about quitting and seeing what else the temp agency could get me but I've decided to stick with it at least a little longer and to use my frustration to motivate me to get off my ass and get a proper job. My mom tells me there's an opening at the nursing school at Emory that I might be able to fit in nicely. We'll see.

Friday night I went and saw Paul Melancon play at the EARL and Saturday afternoon I saw him play again in the parking lot of Circle Sky Records. I've decided Paul Melancon is my new Favorite Local Pop Musician now that Kenny Howes has moved out of town. And I decided that before he was sweet enough to give me his latest CD for free, when I promised him I'd buy it as soon as I had money.

I'm thinking about going to see Kickstand at Lenny's (what that used to be Dottie's) tonight, but the rumbles of thunder threatening major storm action are (if you'll pardon the phrase) dampening my enthusiasm for venturing out. We'll see.