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Yes, today was the graduation ceremony for the Emory Paralegal Program. I now have a framed certificate that says I'm a certified paralegal. Not that it means much--there are no official standards for such, so all it's really saying is I successfully passed a course of paralegal study.

But, hey, it looks good on a resume. My next move is to figure out what kind of job I want and start looking for it. I'm leaning towards contract law, because I'm big on stringing words together and making sure they make sense. Plus, I can lean on my tech writing experience when I apply for stuff.

So that's done. Whew.

Today I learned what the Miller-Ward Alumni House looks like. (Kind of posh, but in an everything-shiny-new kind of way. Reminiscent of the Adventurer's Club, only without any stuffed trophies or puppets.)


Aug. 10th, 2005 04:50 am (UTC)

Now get the hell out here already. <3333