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It so figures . . .

So I went to a couple of job sites to update my info and hunt for paralegal jobs and can I just say that job sites SUCK. They suck like a Hoover. They suck like a black hole. They suck like a chest wound. They suck like a ten dollar hooker. They suck in the suckiest ways for things to suck. They. Just. Suck. Every single time I clicked through a page on Monster, there was another fucking nifty offer for some educational opportunity with my contact information already filled in and I had to hunt to find the tiny little no thanks to make it go away. ARGH!

So I slowly worked my way through the steps to update my resume on one of those job sites and when I finally, finally, made my way through, they said they'd found some jobs that matched my listed interests. One of them, no doubt going off the info from my previous job hunts after being downsized all those years ago, was for a technical writer.

I went ahead and clicked on it, figuring it was probably going to require eons of experience and esoteric software knowledge outside of my skill set.

They wanted 2-5 years experience. Check.

And experience with Word. Check.

And experience seeing a product all the way through production. Check.

So I pasted my resume, cut out some of the extra-paralegal bits, and submitted it.

If they call me, I will laugh. A lot.


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Aug. 16th, 2005 07:21 pm (UTC)
Well I hope that something comes your way that you want to do and pays better than book shoveling. It would be a scream that after all this you FINALLY find that ellusive tech job.
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