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Pleasure and Knowledge

I got a call about my resume today, not from the tech writing people but from some law firm appended to a debt collection company. I went over my resume with them, gently explaining the patchiness of my work history and they said they'll Get Back To Me. We'll see.

My sister, puppetmaker40, ends each of her journal entries by stating something she's grateful for. Taking a page from that, I think I'm going to try adding a few extra categories to the information LJ usually appends to journal entries. One is something I took pleasure in today. The other is something I learned today.

We'll see how long I can keep it up.

Today I took pleasure in taking a bubble bath. (I'd nearly forgotten the joys of one. There's only so long I can sit in a tub of water before I get bored. When I have bubbles to play with, it gets to be slick, messy fun.)

Today I learned that Rubber Soul and Revolver can both fit on one CD-R.