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The Death of China Alien

When I was first getting on this newfangled thing called The Internet, I used a number of names, depending on where I was and what names were already taken. One of them, taken from a previous adventure, was China Alien.

I soon learned that unlike BBS handles, which I could change every few months when I got bored with them, (much the way Nick Rhodes did with his hair color back in the day) internet personas tended to accumulate email addresses and webpages and memberships to various online services. It got a bit too much to keep up with. I eventually culled it down to Cyanide Fish for Duranie dealings and Sarashay for just about everything else. But I kept the China Alien webpage up on Tripod because it had two bits I was actually happy with and wanted to keep--The Fine Art of Thrifting and The Joy of Bad Movies. The Fine Art of Thrifting actually made Site Of The Week for the Secondhand Pod (a sort of community thing that Tripod did for a while and eventually abandoned) which I even mentioned on my resume at one time.

Since Yahoo was getting fussier about insisting people log in regularly, I was doing a quick run of my various email addresses and found I couldn't get into the address I used to establish my China Alien page. I thought about setting up a gmail account and shifting it over to that, but in the end I figured it would be easier to move the pages to another webspace and just purge the website. So The Fine Art of Thrifting and The Joy Of Bad Movies are now hosted on The House of Sarashay and China Alien is no more.

It's a bit like cleaning out your closet and finding out an outfit you used to love and wear all the time doesn't fit anymore. There's a slight sigh of regret as you toss it on the charity pile.

Today I took pleasure in thrift shopping on my lunch break and scoring four great shirts.

Today I learned I only really need one ibuprofin capsule to ease the pain of an aching ear canal and sore muscles.


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Aug. 31st, 2005 02:05 pm (UTC)
awfully off topic, but ths is the only way we know to get a hold of you: Going to Dragoncon this year?
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