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DragonCon begins . . .

So it's Labor Day weekend, which means it's time for all the freaks and weirdos of just about every variety to converge on Atlanta for DragonCon. I've got a guest membership, thanks to some string-pulling by big sis puppetmaker40, so I've got the run of the con and access to the green room where the guests hang out. Since just about everybody I know is a guest of the con in some capacity or other, this makes it easier to catch up with people and see how the intervening year has been.

My sister is here, naturally, with her husband Peter, daughter Caroline and stepdaughter Ariel. I spent much of last night hanging with them, playing pillow throw with Caroline and going out to an early birthday dinner for Ariel at Ru San's sushi bar. Upscale sushi places always amuse me because of my time living in Nagoya, where sushi was available from the Circle K around the corner from my apartment, wrapped in cellophane on styrofoam trays with disposable chopsticks tossed in the bag. I pretty much lived on convenience store sushi, premade salads and ramen noodles for the two months that I lived there. So seeing fancy sushi just seems like serving fancy hot dogs to me. Anyway, I had salmon tempura, just so I could say that I'd had it, and also sampled something called a Sheila Roll. Yes, really. It was lightly seared tuna wrapped around garlic, rolled up in seaweed. I discovered that I do, in fact, taste pretty good.

Today I made a quick swing by the con on my lunch hour and availed myself of the green room hospitality. They still had breakfast food out, but free is free, so I made the most of it. On the way back, I ran into my sister with Caroline and Ariel in tow and got a big hug from Caroline. (Awwwwwww....) I'll be on my way back as soon as I take care of some things here, and then I'll pretty much be at the con for the duration. Should be a fun time--my brother is throwing his Drinking Games party again and this time he's built a portable bar. I'll see about snapping some piccies.

Today I took pleasure in a hug from my godchild.

Today I learned parents traveling in far-off countries get mad at you if you don't email them regularly.


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Sep. 3rd, 2005 03:23 am (UTC)
That kid's got a great name.
*buffs nails*
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