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Drive-In Sunday

I suppose I should be thwapped for not wishing Nick Rhodes a happy birthday yesterday, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this journal so I feel no guilt. Didn't have any strawberries in his honor, but I did go to see Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture at the Starlight Drive-In (part of the Atlanta Film Festival going on this week) and I think Nick would have approved. Couldn't find a parking place with a decent view, so I parked off to the side and then sat on the concrete a little closer to the center. The screen they showed it on was also scheduled to show Finding Nemo and Daddy Day Care which was probably why there were a couple of families with young children looking a little out of place. I couldn't help but wonder what they thought of Bowie in full-on Ziggy glory. The kids may be marked for life.

Today, so far, I've called the temp people about getting another assignment and printed off a zillion cover letters for faxing. Today is also house-cleaning day. After that, I'm sure I'll think of something.