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I'z been tagged by frenziedsilence!

10 things you SHOULD already know about me.

1. I'm rather fond of that band called Duran Duran.
2. I work at a bookstore.
3. I'm looking for a job as a paralegal.
4. I write compulsively.
5. Eddie Izzard is my Imaginary Celebrity Boyfriend.
6. I'm addicted to internet drama the way other people are addicted to reality TV.
7. I'm taking meds for depression.
8. I deliberately watch bad movies. Particularly if there's a guy and two robots doing the commentary.
9. I live in Atlanta.
10. I have never been married and have no children.

10 things you may not have known.

1. Chewing gum squicks me out.
2. I lived in Japan for two months.
3. I'm still a virgin.
4. I went to Catholic school from 4th through 8th grade.
5. I once shook hands with a member of the Grateful Dead.
6. Harlan Ellison was the best man at my sister's wedding.
7. I used to hate The Beatles. (From about age seven to age ten.)
8. I don't actually watch television (unless it's to play a DVD.)
9. I wore a body brace for scoliosis for most of my high school career.
10. I had to wear braces with headgear, too. (Yeah, I was quite the freak in high school.)