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Ganked from freakin' everybody . . .

LJ Interests meme results

  1. David Bowie:
    The main email address I use for personal correspondence is at davidbowie.com. 'Nuff said.
  2. David Sylvian:
    A.K.A. Nick's Evil Twin Brother. (There's less of a resemblance now than there was in the '80s.) I got into Japan via azewewish and took a bit of a leap of faith to purchase Gone To Earth, sound unheard, from Tower Records. I taped it and listened to it endlessly out on the balcony during my family's annual trip to Florida--a ritual I faithfully repeat each year I'm able to make it down there. I came this close to driving all the way to Washington, DC to see the man play, but I ended up bailing my ex-boyfriend (EX!) out of jail and the economic hit I took drained my travel fund. I got the money back when I dragged the ex's ass to court, but by then it was too late. Damn.
  3. Duran Duran:
    Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Christmas present, 1984. Rio, first album bought for self, 1985. The rest is history.
  4. Eddie Izzard:
    I'd heard about Eddie from some of my Duranie pals and when I found the full run of his stuff available at Videodrome (my favorite video rental place in Atlanta) I rented my way through them in chronological order. I was hooked. Then one of the folks who worked at Videodrome told me about a signing he was doing at Tower Records. I got a question answered at the Q & A (Q: When are you going to do a proper show here in Atlanta? A: Not sure, but it was possible, particularly judging by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd.) and then got in line for an autograph. And stood in line for FIVE HOURS. And got to the front of the line with Eddie still (a) there, (b) perky and (c) willing to sign my copy of Glorious and make sure he spelled my name right. From that point forward, I went from nodding admiration to utter awe and worship.
  5. Monty Python:
    Because sci-fi geekdom and Anglophilia go hand-in-hand.
  6. Muppets:
    I was practically taught to read by the Muppets. Grew up watching Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, The Jim Henson Hour . . . when Jim Henson died it was like a friend of the family had passed away. I got to carry a Muppet once, when I was helping set up an exhibit at the Center For Puppetry Arts. (One of the African mask Muppets used in the Harry Belafonte episode, in case you wondered.)
  7. Nick Drake:
    Pink Moon. Is. A. Masterpiece. That is all.
  8. Nick Rhodes:
    My LJ name comes from a weird cut-and-paste thing that this man did in the '93 tourbook. So, um, yeah, I guess I dig him.
  9. Paul Melançon:
    My favorite Local Pop Singer-Songwriter since Kenny Howes moved out of town. He's now fronting a band called The Arts and Sciences. I can't wax too rhapsodic about how much I adore him, since his wife is on my friends list and it would be kind of embarrassing for her to read it. But his two solo efforts, Slumberland and Camera Obscura have permanent residence in my vehicular music collection.
  10. Tanith Lee:
    Why a writer this brilliant languishes in relative obscurity is a mystery to me. She writes science fiction and fantasy from a mythic level rather than a mechancial one--how magic and technology work are rarely touched on. They just do. It's more about how people work in these magical and technological situations. She wrote Don't Bite the Sun, which is my favorite book in the whole world and I'm still not sure why. It also has one of the best opening lines I've come across--"My friend Hergal had killed himself again." (It's back in print, bound along with its sequel Drinking Sapphire Wine, under the name Biting the Sun, if you want to check it out.)

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Today I took pleasure in seeing my parents again after nearly a month.

Today I learned that the wireless internet signal can, in fact, be extended all the way to my room.