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Weekend so far . . .

Thursday night, I went to catch The Forty-Fives at the EARL, opening for The Fleshtones. Because it was a school night, I had to give The Fleshtones a miss, but The Forty Fives threw down a fabulous show of high velocity rock and fucking roll. I finally grabbed a copy of their most recent CD, too, after months of the thing being out.

Friday night, I decided to actually go to the movies again. This time, I caught Mirrormask the Gaiman/McKean epic that I've been anticipating for ages. I'd actually been a little worried about the rather negative review it garnered in the AJC, but if anything it helped keep my expectations low enough to allow me to be properly blown away. I do agree with the reviewer that the writing could have been better (sorry, Neil, you know I love you, but you needed to tighten it up a bit) but I hardly thought it was bad enough to merit a D+. My mind certainly didn't wander for any of it.

After I staggered out of the movie theater going "whoa" a lot, I went down to the 10 High because some friends of mine were going to be there. Unfortunately, the doors to the venue were still firmly closed, so I killed time at The Majestic and at some kind of festival thingy they were holding in a parking lot before finally making it into the 10 High. Got there long enough to say howdy to Angela, wish her a Happy Birthday, see the first band play and then split.

Today, I went to yoga class at my new gym and was reminded how far I have yet to go in strength and flexibility. And I've mucked about on the net and slept a lot.

Still plotting tonight. Stay tuned.

Today I took pleasure in a lemon Coke made with actual lemon juice.

Today I learned another variation on the Sun Salutation.