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Walkin' and scribblin'

Not a heck of a lot to report. I've been finishing up my week at the museum and working on my dad's editor database. I'm also being dragged like the tide back into the whole poetry thing. Monday night, I went to meeting of an informal writer's group called the Notebook Society, which was quite fun. We did writing exercises and then read a little of our own work. Tuesday night there's a poetry reading at the same location (the Caribou Coffee near Emory--walking distance from where I'm living now) and I checked that out, too. It was a very small gathering so every poet (including myself) ended up reading twice. Things'll probably pick up once word gets out that there's another place to read weekly. I figure it'll be something to get me writing again, and that can't be bad. Speaking of, I still have to come up with about half an hour's worth of material for my feature gig at Java Monkey. I'm actually leaning toward printing off a couple of short stories and reading those. Now all I have to do is find them.

Tomorrow I'm planning on having my traditional birthday goofing-off-and-wandering a day early, since I'm scheduled to work on the day proper. Maybe I'll actually catch Matrix Reloaded this time. I also have an offer from my mom to fund the purchase of clothes that actually fit me, so I may go on a mad shopping spree, too. Should be fun.