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Friday night

So the 'rents are out of town to attend a wedding (where one of their grandchildren is serving as flower girl) so once more I have the house to myself. Tonight I found myself back in bachelorette mode, eating ramen and egg for dinner and watching an MST3K DVD, but then I decided to venture out into the world to see if there were any tickets left for Henry Rollins' spoken word gig at the Variety Playhouse.

There were. I purchased one, and even managed to land myself in the front row since everybody else had shown up in pairs and groups, leaving one lonely little unclaimed seat at the end of the aisle. I kept myself amused with a copy of Stomp and Stammer while waiting for Henry to hit the stage.

It was worth the wait. Henry Rollins is the kind of storyteller I aspire to be, veering from oddly poignant to gut-bustingly hilarious, and having all kinds of interesting adventures to talk about. Not everybody can talk about the time they puked their guts out on the Trans-Siberian Express, much less talk about it in a way that has people falling over laughing and nodding in rueful recognition.

Today I took pleasure in seeing the aforementioned Henry Rollins spoken word performance.

Today I learned that Adam Ant is writing a memoir.


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Oct. 15th, 2005 06:34 am (UTC)
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