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So, um, yeah

I chiseled my way through a job site for legal jobs and jumped through all the necessary hoops to get myself into the system. Part of involved digging up the exact months and years of previous employment, so I ended up looking it up in my LiveJournal, going back to my very first entry and counting through. It was fascinating reading, the way old diary entries can be, particularly when coming across things like the first time I saw Paul Melançon play and finding him quite intriguing.

So I'm trying to get my brain back in the present tense. Things are in startlingly good shape, since I went on a cleaning binge over the weekend. The other half of the room is still a touch cluttered, but the high-traffic areas are now denuded of their crap.

I have a new battery for my digital camera. Once it charges, I'll see about snapping a picture so the world can see my current haircut. I'm sure y'all are just wild with anticipation.

Today I took pleasure in Mom's homemade chili.

Today I learned how to use a few more of the machines at the gym.