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Oh, lucky day!

Well, it's hard to dread Friday the 13th when your birthday is Saturday the 14th. I just use the weekend excuse to drag my birthday out for as long as I can get away with it. Since I'm working tomorrow, I used today as my goof-off-and-do-whatever-I-like day that I try to have on my birthday. I got up surprisingly early, had a nice breakfast of peanut butter and jam on toast, moodled about on the internet for a bit and then headed out to--strange for me, but true--North DeKalb Mall. See, my mom gave me some money to buy clothes with (so I can look a little more presentable for jobs and stuff) and I figured I'd start there and then catch the 1:20 show of The Matrix Reloaded at the theater there.

I made a run of the clearance racks at Burlington Coat Factory and Stein Mart and landed a black blazer, a gray cardigan, some charcoal pants and (after a little deliberation) a spiffy red and black lace dress. I'm thinking the dress will be my outfit for the Duran Duran show I'm going to. Now if I could just find where I put my feather boas . . . I've got a great red and black boa that would go just smashingly with it.

Anyway. I packed away my purchases in the car, had lunch, browsed a little more and then watched the movie. I won't do a deep analysis except to say that the standards the original movie set left this installment seeming a little lacking. Seemed to drag a bit in places. Still, has some great visuals and it's definitely smarter than your average action flick.

After the movie, I walked back to my car in the pouring rain and got drenched. Decided it was a little too late in the day to do much more shopping, so I went home and moodled a little more on the internet before going out to dinner with Mom and Dad. (Not precisely to celebrate my birthday--they were going out to dinner anyway and just dragged me along.) Went to a tiny little restaurant with a tiny little menu and ate a big huge dinner. Went home, helped repair somebody's website links and went back to moodling. Nobody of interest playing tonight, so I may be moodling all night.


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Jun. 14th, 2003 04:42 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday. :)
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