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It Must Be Thursday

Chiseling out words slowly by slowly. Did laundry. Talked to the drug lady about tamping down my dose again, which she agreed to.

I needed to trim my fingernails, but I couldn't find my clippers, so I figured I'd get some at the dollar store around the corner from the drug lady. They only sold clippers as part and parcel of 'manicure sets', so I spent a buck on a pair of clippers and got a slew of other utensils to go with it, some of which I have no notion of what purpose they serve. But, hey, it's a buck, thanks to the wonders of the Chinese industrial complex. (Shopping at dollar stores is a bit like eating veal for me--I just try not to think too hard about where it came from.) I took them home and promptly hacked my nails to the minimum. They're pretty crappy clippers, but it's either that or just let my nails splinter off in the shower and gnaw down the resultant rough edges.

I'm going to Savannah this weekend to see Malinda. Should be fun. I'm charging up my iPod for the roadtrip. Must remember to pack Eddie DVD and Duran tourbook.

Today I took pleasure in peace and quiet in the back room, once my co-worker left at noon. (She's going on vacation next week. Bliss.)

Today I learned that acne is apparently caused by feelings of unworthiness (according to Louise Hay.)


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Nov. 4th, 2005 03:18 am (UTC)
Miss Marvel?
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