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Sick Day

So I called in sick at work and did my usual recovery regimen--lots of Sunny Delight and naps. Read my way through a Sonia Choquette book and didn't do a hell of a lot else, because I'm trying to limit my internet time and I've only got 44 minutes left to parcel out from here to next Wednesday. Watched another Eddie DVD. (Unrepeatable, in case you wondered.) I lurves him.

Today I took pleasure in scrambled eggs and toast.

Today I learned how much a gigabyte is supposed to be. (Approximately one billion bytes, or one million kilobytes.)


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Nov. 9th, 2005 01:39 am (UTC)
I liked Unrepeatable, but I found it a rather distant second behind Dress to Kill (and those are the only two I've seen/heard in their entirety, so if there are better ones, feel free to share).

Throughout the Paris riots, I keep finding the phrase "ma grand-mére est flambé. Am I going to hell for that? (CHORUS: No, not for that)
Nov. 9th, 2005 10:50 pm (UTC)
Unrepeatable is the earliest one available on DVD. (Legitmately, anyway--for all I know there may be illicit bootlegs of Live at the Ambassadors lurking Out There Somewhere.) My two favorites are actually Definite Article and Glorious, which I highly recommend to potential Eddie fans. Both of those are shot on his home turf, if you will, unlike Dress To Kill and Circle, so he spends no time translating things for an American audience. (Though he does riff on such translations in Glorious at one point.)

Yeah, I'm a bit of an Eddie nut.
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