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So it took me eight days to bash out a little over two thousand words for my NaNovel. (Okay, granted, several of those days were spent off in Savannah, but still.) It was coming, but slowly and painfully.

Then I got hit with another idea. It's actually an idea I tried to write as a short story but never finished. So I'm trying again--this time in my usual first-person-sardonic rather than third-person-detailed--and as of right now I've bashed out 1882 words since I got home at five-thirty and that includes stopping to eat dinner. So I think I'll go with this one.

Today I took pleasure in writing in that delightful groove.

Today I learned how to spell vicissitude.

Edit: I'm now at 2275. If I keep it going at that rate each day, I'll be done in time. Rock.