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NOW what?

So, I've finished my NaNovel and I'm suddenly wondering what the hell to do with all this time I have. I've been poking at a short story but I'm tremendously dissatisfied with how it's coming out--I get a sense this is a much longer work that needs to be hashed out. There's another one that's incomplete that I might poke at as well. In a way, it's harder to write for those, since I don't have a word count goal to shoot for and I can't waste time going down odd tangents to fill up page space like I could with NaNo. I mean, I suppose I could (maybe I will) but it would just wind up getting hacked out in editing or become so intractably part of everything that I can't bring myself to get rid of it even if it does nothing to actually advance the story.

I've resumed my gymnasium habit, which is a good thing. I do feel better when I exercise regularly.

Today I took pleasure in showering off the sweat from my treadmill session.

Today I learned what my iPod does when its battery runs down. (It stops playing, and flashes the image of an empty battery on the screen for a moment or two, then shuts down completely.)