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Books! Yum!

So I borrowed another book from work--Affluenza, by John de Graaf, David Wann and Thomas H. Naylor. Devoured it in one night. Basically, it's a book (based on a PBS special) about how America is shopping itself to death. Parts of it are incredibly depressing, but it tries to end on an optimistic note. And I suppose I can feel better about the fact that I'm in better financial shape than a lot of people who live more lavish lifestyles than I do, since I'm not neck-deep in debt.

Worked out today and this time kept track of how much weight and how many reps I actually did on each machine, so I know what to shoot for next time. It turns out I'm stronger than I realized (at least some of my muscle groups are--my biceps are useless but my legs are unstoppable.)

Today I took pleasure in watching the swirl of cream in my morning coffee.

Today I learned the United States of America has more shopping malls than high schools.