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Weekend Report

Friday: Go to the Star Bar to see The Forty Fives. Have too much wine, puke all over the floor of the Little Vinyl Lounge. Am ejected from the venue, but they are nice enough to call me a cab to go home in. Miss the Forty Fives. Am very bummed about this.

Saturday: Get up bright and early. Long walk back to car. Drive to Catholic Center for a women's retreat. We discuss Hildegard of Bingen, have a short Mass and plant flowers. Go home and nap. Go to Videodrome for evening's entertainment--rent a copy of "Cat Women of the Moon." Do some grocery shopping and stock up on cola beverages. Watch movie--the print appears to be culled from about three different copies of varying quality, one of which was in 3-D, meaning that people periodically sprout red shadows and go all blurry. Still and all, it's a cheesy hoot of a movie and I am entertained.

Sunday: The usual. Mass and naps. And a trip to a new age shop where I buy a bit of tumbled quartz in the shape of an egg with a crack in it. I hope for symbolism.