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Some Stuff

I have a new icon. sabotabby gets credit for it. I think it rocks.

Nothing much happened today (people are shopping like mad, my manager is being a control-freak bitch, the usual, really) so here's my rendition of the year-end-review meme (first lines of first entries of each month of 2005.)

January: So last night I went to the Star Bar and saw The Forty-Fives, The Woggles and Young Antiques.

February: I'm sitting here with a big stupid grin on my face from watching the Superbowl halftime show.

March: So Mom and Dad keep asking me to look up a certain author at the bookstore and I keep forgetting to do it.

April: Friday night I had the house to myself so I put the DVD player to work and watched an MST3K vid (The Brain That Wouldn't Die) and chased it with some Eddie Izzard (Unrepeatable) for good measure.

May: http://www.huhcorp.com/

June: It's been raining for days, it seems, which is actually a good thing for me since it spares me the hassle of keeping the plants watered.

July: I had the house to myself last night (M & D are in Alabama to see Shakespeare) so I stopped by on the way home to pick up a bottle of Merlot and some chocolate and spend with evening with some Eddie DVDs or maybe MST3K.

August: Tagged by arielography.

September: So it's Labor Day weekend, which means it's time for all the freaks and weirdos of just about every variety to converge on Atlanta for DragonCon.

October: Thursday night, I went to catch The Forty-Fives at the EARL, opening for The Fleshtones.

November: So I'm, um, a little under eight hundred words into my NaNo and my brain keeps getting eaten by the internets.

December: So, I've finished my NaNovel and I'm suddenly wondering what the hell to do with all this time I have.

Today I took pleasure in the smell of my new body scrub on my skin after I showered.

Today I learned who did my groovy new icon--I've been aching to gank it for ages, but I never knew who to credit.