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Weekend so far . . .

Friday was ker-stuffed with neat stuff. I went to the Portfolio Center to catch a poetry reading by a poet named Alice Lovelace, who reassures me by her work that good things can actually be done in the medium of poetry. There was an open mike just before her reading, and I was asked if I'd like to do something, so I went up and rattled off a couple of sonnets. I should really work on having some actual new poems for occasions like that, instead of just free associating every Java Monkey.

I went home to kill a little time before going back out to see some bands and found Mom and Dad watching their DVD of the complete first season of The Muppet Show. I ended up watching about an episode and a half. Some of the fashions on the guest stars are a touch dated, but the jokes are still ridiculous and hilarious.

After that, I headed to the Drunken Unicorn to see The Cogburns, The Hiss and The Love Drunks. The last time I went to the Drunken Unicorn, it depressed the hell out of me and I left before I had a chance to see the band I'd gone to see in the first place, but this time it was much better because (a) there was an actual crowd and (b) none of the bands sucked. Got a chance to say howdy to Todd (the drummer from The Hiss and a former roommate of mine) and catch up on stuff. Flirted with a guy who disappeared into the night before I had a chance to get a phone number or anything. Ah, well.

Saturday morning was pretty much lost to sleep, but I did get a few useful things done, like decrapulating my car, cleaning the bathroom and ironing some wrinkly hand-washables. I'm killing a little time before I go to Laurel's house for the First Christmas Party Of The Year that she has every year around the start of January.

Today I took pleasure in split pea soup with ham. Lots of ham. (So much ham, in fact, that Mom suggested it might actually be ham soup with split peas.)

Today I learned that there's a small hole in the bathtub. I guess I'll have to stick to showers until that's rectified.