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More Chattacon . . . so Kath won't kill me

Yeah, I know I said I'd continue this, so I guess I'll have to before it all slithers out of my brain.

The crowds thundered in and pretty much didn't let up all night. I went to the bar and got a Jelly Donut (the official drink of the party--it does, in fact, taste like a jelly donut) and wandered about a bit, snapping a few pictures for posterity. Rozana started running the roulette table and I watched for a bit and decided to go ahead and cash out the $100 in Whoopee scrip that I was given.

Guess that requires a little explanation. Obviously we couldn't gamble with actual money without breaking any number of laws, so Sean printed his own, and gave each invited guest a $100 bill of "Whoopee scrip". (Doc Whoopee is Sean's nickname when he does his party gigs, for reasons long obscured by time.) So I cashed my bill out for chips and played roulette for a while. I fell behind a bit and then got ahead, so I cashed out for another $100 bill, played away the excess and broke even. Then I offered to give Rozana a break and ran the roulette table for a while. When somebody asked me what I was suddenly doing on the other side of the table, I cracked that the other girl had asked me if I could do a better job, so I took her up on it.

Rozana and I swapped back and forth a few more times in the course of the evening. A couple of old friends, Steve and Hawk, dropped by and Hawk played roulette with his friend Lee. By this time of the evening, Ron the pit boss had a few drinks in him and was handing out scrip freely to anybody who asked, so Lee had a little extra 'cash' on her. When Hawk had gambled away what he had, he and Lee got into an epic battle over a $100 bill that was gripped tightly in Lee's fist. Lee continued to place bets with one hand while playing keep-away with Hawk with the other. Eventually, Hawk managed to pry Lee's fingers open and handed me the crumpled, tattered bill. (You may ask--why didn't he just ask the pit boss for extra cash. To which I answer--what would be the fun in that?) I gave him some more chips and he eventually lost all of them. Meanwhile, David (significant other to Ron the pit boss, a fact that Rozana loved to rib him about) kept trying to lose all his chips by placing them at random on actual numbers (odds 35-to-1.) He won three different times on single number placement. I nearly ran out of chips his color--he had to cash some of them out just so I could pay him everything.

Eventually, the players died down and I closed the table. I went out to say howdy to Jeff, who was being his usual self running the door. This is the rule for dealing with Jeff--the more you actively try to impress him, the less he will be impressed. Apparently some people managed to get into the party by rolling the dice. They phoned up some friends and told them to come on up. The phoned friends came up and Jeff refused to let them in. He went to the phoners and gave them a little lecture on how this party was not their party and they have no business inviting anybody to it. One of the people's phones rang and Jeff remarked "That's probably your friends calling to say they can't get in."

I circulated in the crowd and met a guy named Barry (I think) whose badge name was "Torgo the Destroyer." He asked me if I got the reference. "Doot-doo-doo Doot-doot-doo-doo . . . " I sang, to the tune of the Haunting Torgo Theme. He was elated to find somebody who got the joke. (If you're scratching your head--it's an MST3K thing.) We talked for a while about MST3K and bad movies and about the Bell Witch, a Tennessee legend who was an apparent inspiration for the fictional Blair Witch. Barry also gave me a foot massage and offered to give me a hot stone massage. I took him up on his offer and set an appointment with him for Saturday.

The party eventually wound down and I curled up on the couch around 4:30 or so.

(to be continued some more . . . )


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Feb. 1st, 2006 11:38 pm (UTC)
Thank you for writing this.
I will now not come down to Atlanta and kill you. *grin*
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