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Last Day At The Bookstore

Thankfully, they gave me and my successor eight full hours of time for me to get him up to speed. I got him started on the shipment for that day and he got the hang of it in short order. He took copious notes. I think he'll do fine.

I'd spent the previous two days cleaning out the deadweight so there wasn't a hell of a lot to do by two in the afternoon, but we still had two hours to kill, so I spent it doing RPL, which is basically the process of pulling old books off the shelf to be shipped back and gotten rid of. It seemed apropos.

It didn't really hit me that it was all ending until I was walking back from lunch at EATS and realizing that it was the last weekday lunch I'll ever have there for who knows how long. I spend the day gradually detaching myself, cleaning out my desk drawer (hand sanitizer, lotion and raisins) and locker (painkillers, shopping bags and tea) and looking at all the books I never got a chance to read all the way through for free. (Tomorrow, I am so hitting the library.)

My co-worker said she'd miss me and I reassured her we were bound to run into one another at DragonCon. She promised to save me a front row seat at her performance. I made a noncommittal noise.

So it's done. Monday I start my salaried office job and set my course to rejoin the ranks of People Who Pay Rent. Some part of me is still in a vague place about that part, and will probably remain there until Monday morning actually arrives.

Today I took pleasure in swiping my timecard for the last time.

Today I learned 85 South traffic at 5:00 isn't that bad until it hits the downtown connector proper, and the 14th Street exit gets you out of it just as the mess hits. This will come in handy for getting to my gym after work at the new gig.


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Feb. 10th, 2006 11:47 pm (UTC)
Congrads Honey and never look back. Shake the dust from your sandals and move onto the next part of your journey.
Love Ya-
Yr. Big Sister
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