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It has just been scientifically proven--my mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

Well, sort of scientifically. Mom came across a magazine articles that had three recipe that were purportedly the best chocolate chip cookie recipes ever known to mankind. So she made a batch of each, plus a batch of her usual cookies, to do a taste test and see what really was the best.

(She did this yesterday, while also baking two loaves of homemade bread and making a pot of split pea soup. That's my mom for you.)

Her recipe wins, hands down. The other cookies were just too much work to eat. Seriously--they ranged from Thin and Crispy to Thick and Gooey (though the gooeyness didn't last long after removal from the oven) and each bite took forever to chew. You'd be sitting there crunching one bite in the time it would take to eat one of Mom's cookies--the things just melt in your mouth by comparison. Plus, they were all huge next to Mom's cookies. Sometimes that's just more cookie than you really want to handle in one go.

Today I took pleasure in chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of cold milk.

Today I learned what I like in a cookie.


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Feb. 13th, 2006 02:20 am (UTC)
I've seen Sugartown--didn't like it very much, but I've seen it. (I'm just not crazy about movies where the bad guy wins, y'know?) I thought the cookie scene was cute, though.

My old roomie used to bake the 'tube cookies' for her boyfriend. I consider them a notch below actual homemake, but a notch above, say, Chips Ahoy.
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