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First Day at New Job

For those of you wondering, it went well. Despite the light sprinkling of snow on the ground (and ice on the bridges) I got there with time to spare. So much time that, in fact, I was there before anybody else and found myself locked out. Oops. So I killed time with a little scribbling until somebody showed up who could let me in.

I showed up in a black suit with red pinstripes and a red silk shirt. Everybody else was wearing sweatshirts. I think I'll be dressing a bit down from here on in.

Anyway, the job's pretty straightforward so far--here's a file, put the information in a database, merge it into a file, tweak it a bit and print it out. I got into the swing of it pretty quickly. I made a few mistakes, but I was able to catch them as I went and fix them before they landed on the lawyer's doorstep.

So that was it. It's actually not too removed from what I was doing at the bookstore, in terms of detail work. Only I get paid twice as much to do it.

Today I took pleasure in that groove I get in when all of the details are falling into place.

Today I learned step one of How To Do My Job.