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So I got to work bright and early this morning and found that our office had been visited over the weekend by a burglar. (Or several. No way to tell at this point.) Two laptops and a stereo were taken and one person's drawer had been jimmied into, as well as most of the lawyer's drawers left hanging open.

The building security was largely useless. The policeman who dropped by was slightly better. Luckily, we're moving in two weeks to a space that the lawyer owns rather than rents, so he'll have total control over the locks and who has keys.

Did I mention they had keys? The gal who was last to leave on Friday left the doors deadbolted. The gal who arrived first Monday morning found the deadbolts unlocked. So it appears to be an inside job. Hell, you need a card to get into the building on weekends to begin with, so it had to be an inside job.

I'm oddly calm about it. Maybe I'd be more riled if it had been my laptop. As it is, I view the whole thing almost like a natural disaster--nothing to be done but to cope with the aftermath. My supervisor was given the surveillance tapes, so we'll see if we can gather some evidence.

Other than that, day was pretty spiffy. I fear I'm getting a little too sucked into the internets. Must work on that.

Today I took pleasure in chocolate chip cookies. (Yes, again.)

Today I learned that my office is not as safe a place as I may have thought.