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Had a pretty nice birthday evening. Paul Melançon at IF, followed by Mary Prankster at the EARL (I ended up only catching one song in Bain Mattox's set.) Sunday was dinner and cake at the homestead. Got a gift certificate for Amazon.com from the parents (which I promptly spent on a copy of the Duran Duran box set) and got two Best Of The Muppet Show DVDs from my brother and sister-in-law. I also did a feature gig at the Java Monkey Speaks poetry reading down in Decatur. Since most of my poems are still in deep storage, I dug up some notebook rambles, a journal entry from my other journal and a short story. Went over pretty well. People even sang "Happy Birthday" to me.

Monday I dropped off my resume at the nursing school at Emory for a job in the admissions office. From there, I went thrift shopping, spending more of the money my mom gave me to buy clothes with. Got a literal SACK of clothes for a little under twenty bucks. Did a little more trolling of the bargain places and landed some groovy shoes on sale at Payless. Also got a fresh pair of Chinese flats, since the ones I have were developing holes. I changed into them them moment I purchased them, 'cos the nice shoes I was wearing for the resume dropoff were cutting my feet to ribbons. Monday night, I did the Notebook Society again and the threatening thunderstorm was nice enough to wait until I'd walked back home from it before opening up on the neighborhood.

Tuesday I heard back from the nursing school people (very encouraging sign) and spent a portion of the day updating my online resumes and working on my dad's database. Went to a very sparsely attended poetry reading and rattled off another spontaneous piece. Came home and, um, updated my livejournal . . .