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Weekend so far . . .

Friday Night: Went to the EARL for a big, stupid hamburger and some rock 'n' roll. Hamburger was excellent. Opening act (Moresight) surprisingly good. However, the second band (Untied States--clever band name, crappy band) just annoyed me to the point that I left before seeing the headliner (Luigi--who I recall as being pretty good, even if the bass player did snub me in a big way the last time I saw them.)

Saturday Morning: Slept a lot. Ate pancakes. Moodled on Internet.

Saturday Afternoon: Made my usual rounds--QT for gas and lottery tickets (that I stuff in my glove compartment and never check on), UPS to check my mailbox (3904 North Druid Hills Road, PMB 115, Decatur, GA 30033, if you wanted to send me something) and the little beauty shop I go to every other week to get my eyebrows ripped into shape by an Indian woman with a spool of thread. Then decided to stop by North DeKalb Mall and invest in a new pair of Nice Pants for work. I found some groovy pinstripe ones for twelve bucks and, better still, a DVD set of TEN low-budget horror movies in the bargain section for seven bucks:

Blood Creature
Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory
A Bucket of Blood
The Giant Gila Monster
The Wasp Woman
Attack of the Giant Leeches
Beast From Haunted Cave
The Brain That Wouldn't Die
Lady Frankenstein

We're talking classics of badfilm--including quite a few that have been given the MST3K treatment. Between this and the Ed Wood box set I got for Christmas, I have enough bad movie entertainment for last me for weeks.

Got home. Cleaned bathroom. Vacuumed floor. Moodled more on Internet.

Saturday Evening: Mom's fixing tenderloin steak, so I am so home for dinner. After that, I'm plotting to go out and see The Julia Dream at the High Hor-- sorry, the 10 High. Should be fun. Might even shave my legs for it.

Today I took pleasure in spiffy new pants.

Today I learned that The Brain That Wouldn't Die was shot in thirteen days. (From the packaging on the DVD box set.)


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Feb. 26th, 2006 04:24 pm (UTC)
The place I go to is in a little plaza with a Last Chance Thrift Store, just off of Lawrenceville Highway. There are actually two little beauty shops right next to each other--I picked the one I go to because it was less crowded at the time I decided to do it. They charge four bucks, which is the cheapest price I know for denuding eyebrows short of tweezing each individual hair out yourself. I also tip them a buck, so it comes out to a fiver.

It does hurt a bit in that bandaid-rip kind of way, I won't deny it, but it's only a few minutes out of your life and then it's done. It doesn't hurt quite as much if you do it every two weeks. Like I said, it's become part of my Saturday afternoon routine.
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