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So, the new job moved to another office space (this one actually owned by the lawyer, rather than rented) so I spent the latter half of my week packing stuff into boxes, moving what was liftable to the new digs and carrying it all upstairs. Friday we finished moving all the loose stuff and got to leave early; Saturday we came in a for a few hours to set up our computers and stuff so we can get started bright and early Monday morning.

My back sez ouch.

Friday night I wanted to go and see Tiger! Tiger! and The Love Drunks at The Drunken Unicorn, but I was too exhausted and just ended up going to bed at a sensible hour. Saturday night, I went out to Jake's Toadhouse to see The Shanghai Gesture and The Lizardmen (What The . . .? headlined, but I ended up leaving after The Lizardmen.) Jake's used to be a scary-ass dive, I'm told (it was my first time setting foot in the place) but now they have a shiny new stage and a very (literally!) shiny new dancefloor, so it's shaping up to be a pretty good place to see bands. Very thin crowd, though.

Sunday I slept most of the afternoon and had rather surreal dreams about sprouting wings in response to art and magic invoked by singing. I suspect the Laurell K. Hamilton book I checked out of the library (and finished last night) might have had something to do with that one. (PS--I found an LJ community devoted to snarking on what LHK's books have devolved into: lkh_lashouts. Glad to know I'm not alone.)

Today is Mom's birthday, so she and Dad are going out to dinner, leaving me to my own devices. I'm going to my brother's Oscar party, and I'll probably nosh something before I go.

Today I took pleasure in a big, crunchy handful of Fritos.

Today I learned that Incubus Dreams is still available at the DeKalb County libraries.