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Weekend Report

I think the main reason I only seem to update on the weekends is because that's the only time things actually happen.

My weekdays are pretty much the same--get up, shower, breakfast, drive to work, work, lunch, more work, drive to gym, exercise, drive home, eat dinner, fiddle on internet, go to bed. I mean, that's really it. Work is really quite drama-free, which is good, honestly, but not much to write about.

So today I rolled up a bunch of coins, swapped them out for paper bills (and life as we left it yeeeeeears ago . . . um, never mind) and spent the cash on some dollar store items and thrift shop clothes. So I now have nice plastic clothes hangers, a glossy lip pencil, black pants and a rather nice gray suit. I also whipped out my card and got a black dress at Value Village (a thrift shop that takes VISA! I am so doomed!) and then three books at the bookstore I used to work at. So, yeah, I understand the New Fun Toy impulse that drives women to shop, but I also have my mom's sense of thrift which balks at spending huge amounts of money on things I don't need. So I spend small amounts of money on things I don't need, instead.

The late afternoon got pretty much sucked up by the internet. Bad internet! Naughty internet! I should borrow one of arielography's sticks to hit you with!

Oh, and odd side note--I got an email out of the blue by a guy I had a long-distance relationship with back at the tail end of the 20th century. The last time I'd heard from him, he told me he'd had the worst month of his life and then he dropped off the radar. So it was something of a relief to find that he hadn't gone and offed himself. He stopped writing for several years, which might be considered a kind of suicide, but it's at least a reversible one, as evidenced by the fact that he's working on a sequel to a book he'd written ages ago and thought he'd never add on to. He's married now, which seems to be the way of it--guys date me, break up with me and quickly go on to find the loves of their lives. I kinda wish that mojo could rub off on my own love life, but it's kinda difficult for me to break up with myself.

Today I took pleasure in the gorgeous weather.

Today I learned how to get to Belvedere Plaza from North DeKalb Mall.