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An event I forgot to mention . . .

On March 20, I became a notary public. This means (once I get my notary stamp) that I can notarize documents without having to march over to my co-worker's office and have her stomple them for me.

It was a relatively painless process. I sent the DeKalb County Superior Court a SASE and they mailed me an application. I needed two DeKalb County residents to vouch for me and a notary public to notarize it. Luckily, the lawyer and one of the paralegals are both DeKalb County residents, so they signed their names and wrote their addresses under the paragraph that basically says "I live in DeKalb, I'm not a relative, and I think this person is honest." Then I went to the notary public co-worker, got her stamp on it and I was good to go. So I went down to the courthouse, handed them the application and cash, swore an oath and got spiffy certificates printed out with my name on them. Ta-da! The admin person at my office ordered my little rubber stamp the next day so I should have it by next week. Then I won't have to keep hassling C. (I think I'll just use initials when referring to co-workers from here on in) every time I need an affidavit stamped.

Oh, and, though I probably shouldn't talk about it, I'm taking up docwhoopee's offer to watch Fight Club on his faboo projection screen tomorrow night. He's invited his friends over to make an evening of it; should be fun.

Today I took pleasure in laughing my ass off at the MST3K episode that the mst3k community picked for me to watch. (Time Chasers, in case you wondered, which is a much more bearable episode when you realize that little, if any, entertainment value is going to be derived from the movie itself.)

Today I learned what the inside of Broadway Cafe looks like. (Not unpleasant, but the art on the walls is a bit creepy in its almost-but-not-quite level of competence.)


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Mar. 25th, 2006 04:26 am (UTC)
ahhh MST....

Mar. 25th, 2006 03:16 pm (UTC)
Congrats on becoming a Notary !!!! I am a Notary Public as well. I have been one for 5 years or so when I worked at the bank. I keep renewing my commission every three years $60. My job is going to pay for it this year. In New York State you have to pass a test. The test was not too bad for me because I had paralegal training. I passed on the first try. Other people at work failed the test many many times and were humiliated.

Congrats again.
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