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1. Check answering machine for messages, all them them being, of course, for the parents.

2. Bring in the mail.

3. Hope it rains so watering plants will be taken care of.

4. Call back people who left messages to explain that the person they are trying to reach is out of town, retracing the path of Lewis and Clark. Get one expression of gratitude and one wrong number.

5. Print out layout of condo that docwhoopee put together from his measurements.

6. Hunt for graph paper.

7. Settle on a piece of graph paper that is already used on one side with a vague sort of outline for an unwritten Doctor Who story, a sequel to "The Claws of Axos."

8. Pencil in outlines of the two major rooms.

9. Find tape measure.

10. Measure furniture and start pencilling in about where to place it in each room.

11. Realize that there is more room to work with than initially thought.

12. Realize also that the baked potato is almost done and set about making a salad.

13. Make salad.

14. Microwave leftover hamburger patty.

15. Pour wine.

Today I took pleasure in a properly baked potato with butter.

Today I learned how to apply for a mortgage online with the Emory Federal Credit Union. (Now wish me luck that I get it!)


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May. 18th, 2006 03:55 am (UTC)
Luck is wished!!!

Virtual housewarming parties!
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