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Two weeks left . . .

. . . before I turn thirty-six.

So I'd better live up my thirty-five-ness while I can. Yeah.

I've been pretty mellow, give or take one or two bouts of OMG!Stress! that flared up for reasons I'd rather not go into. I've officially tendered an offer on the condo; now all I have to do is line up the financing and get the place inspected. I've been faxing papers back and forth so much I can barely read what I'm initialing anymore.

And it's old news by now, but I'm still annoyed with scam agent Barbara Bauer for throwing the snit fit that caused Absolute Write to scramble for new hosting. You can read about the whole debacle here. The site is back up, but the forums are still in limbo. It's like finding out that one of your favorite bars suddenly closed. The regulars are meeting at other places and sort of staring at each other with dazed looks on their faces wondering what the hell to do now. Barbara Bauer has been Googlebombed to the point that the second highest result for Barbara Bauer is the Top Twenty Worst Agents list that started this whole mess. (So I figured I'd do a bit of blog action and add my little hits to the list.)

Tonight they're showing A Hard Day's Night at Screen On The Green at Piedmont Park. I am so there. If I can only find a parking place . . .

Today I took pleasure in the snark to be found at phonecenter.

Today I learned that I can have water instead of soda as my beverage with a Taco Bell lunch and not feel deprived.


Jun. 2nd, 2006 01:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the Barbara Bauer post - it's never old news when something like this happens! I added your post to http://www.awupdates.blogspot.com -- have a great day!