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Weekend Report, June 1-4, 2006

Thursday: Saw A Hard Day's Night at Screen on the Green in Piedmont Park. There is nothing quite like watching a Beatles movie in the great outdoors on a warm summer night with your shoes off. There were a few flashes of lightning that made people nervous, but the rain held off until the movie was over.

Friday: Did absolutely nothing. I mean, I went to work and all, but even though I had a poetry reading and an A Fir-Ju Well show at Lenny's on my personal agenda, I ended up skipping both and just going to bed at 10:00.

Saturday Slept until 11:00. Had pancakes. Did my usual afternoon errands. Got a call from a guy that I met and hung out with at Lenny's last week. We'll call him G. G. and I decided to meet up at the Virgina-Highlands Summerfest, since I was headed there anyways to see A Fir-Ju Well and he lives in the neighborhood. I ended up walking all the way there from the house. It was actually a nice walk--the weather wasn't blisteringly hot and there was lots of shade along the way. I made it to see A Fir-Ju Well and after some mishaps, managed to meet up with G. We cruised the art booths, had dinner at Everybody's, went back to his place (and did absolutely nothing) and then I hiked the long and winding way back to the house. I took a hot bubble bath and got dressed to go see The Julia Dream at Masquerade. I'd intended to show up unfashionably early, but then I looked at the advance ticket and realized that the doors had opened over two hours ago. I rushed madly out the door, had an interesting adventure in parking and arrived at the Masquerade, all glammed up but slightly out of breath. Luckily, I hadn't missed The Julia Dream--in fact, I was early enough to catch the act before them, whose name I can't recall but who were Not Too Bad. Then The Julia Dream came on and I danced my little heart out like I always do for bands I like. The band's name had not been put up on the marquee for some reason, a fact that Vernon (the lead singer) repeatedly mentioned between songs. ("Though you wouldn't know it from the marquee, we're The Julia Dream.") Did I mention repeatedly? Repeatedly. Pretty much every time he mentioned the band's name, he mentioned the lack of signage. But they still put on a great show, as per usual. I cut out when they finished and headed homeward.

Sunday: Did the usual Sunday morning routine--breakfast, Mass and nap--and then headed with big brother docwhoopee and sister-in-law to the Rock 'n' Roll Monster Bash at the Starlight Drive-In. Big brother brought his bar. I can't remember if I've mentioned big brother's bar. Basically, my big brother built his own bar out of stainless steel and aluminum. It it built to fold to the size of a hotel luggage cart, for room parties, and then unfold to hold all the necessities of barkeeping. So we lugged it in his truck, set up a canopy down at the end of the row and put up the bar. We were expected to meet some people from Tennessee who were intending to come down, but they ended up bailing. So, with an abundance of drinkage about, big brother came up with a way to keep the bar active without breaking any liquor licensure laws. He traded drinks for stories. People who we didn't know who wanted a drink had to tell an interesting story about their lives. And then he'd fix them a drink. And we got some doozies. It probably helped that big brother would prompt people with the suggestion that the best personal stories usually came out of either getting arrested, almost getting arrested or doing something that could get you arrested. (What was fascinating was the number of people who then went "Oh! Wait! I have a story!") We got stories about nudity, earthquakes, vandalism, prostitution, grave desecration, drugs and run-ins with South American police officers, to name but a few. We got a story about a guy who had an M-16 pointed at his private parts--twice. (Once from the guy who actually had the gun pointed at him, and then again from somebody else who was there.) People kept coming back with more stories and trading them for drinks, while other people, strangely enough, decided that a story about themselves was too high a price to pay for a drink and wandered off. Eventually night fell, we broke down the bar and watched the first film of the double feature (Halloween) but by then I was so tired I just made some space in the backseat of the truck and dozed for the rest of it (or tried to--the radio was on with the sound, so I heard the movie even if I was too tired to watch it.) We cut out before the second flick and I went home and straight to bed.

So today I'm a wee bit tired and my calves are really pissed off at me. Early to bed tonight, methinks.

Today I took pleasure in a cheese quesadilla at Moe's.

Today I learned that I can refill the postage meter all by myself now.


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 5th, 2006 09:40 pm (UTC)
If it's the Lance I'm thinking of, he isn't actually in The Julia Dream. He's sort of their roadie--helps set up the equipment and stuff. Seems like a nice enough guy, but I don't know him that well.
Jun. 5th, 2006 08:40 pm (UTC)
I love your brother so much, man. *laughs*
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