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Actually, it hasn't been that unlucky a day. I got a new mattress and boxspring and I just washed the sheets. Now all I have to do is wait fifty zurbillion years for the comforter to dry.

I dug up my NaNovel from last November and I've been poking at rewriting it, amping up the sex scenes and then submitting it to a publisher of vaguely sci-fi-themed erotic romance. The first step is slicing out the miles and miles of filling-up-the-wordcount crap, which I have been starting. I have to confront the ugly fact that I am not actually a very good writer on the first draft. But I'm getting all kinds of little plotbunnies for expanding it once I've hacked away all the deadwood. So we'll see.

I know azewewish is slavering for details about the NIN show, so I'll just say the following: "Suck", "Burn", "Something I Can Never Have", "Gave Up", and, yes, "Get Down Make Love". (Along with the big obvious ones, of course.)

Today I took pleasure in the sheer cuteness that is Cats In Sinks.

Today I learned approximately when a work goes into the public domain.


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Jun. 14th, 2006 03:43 am (UTC)
*whimpers a little* I haven't heard him play Get Down Make Love since he toured with Broken.

I might die. *nods*

Also, turn your cell on tomorrow so I can sing to you. *g*
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